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5G Hackathon Riga is an intense corporate challenge solving event

5G Hackathon Riga* on November 27-28 – where world leading companies will challenge tech companies from the Baltic and Nordic states with yet unsolved problems from their company’s perspective in the context of 5G technology.

The world is changing everyday and so are the technologies - evolving and becoming faster, precise and smarter. Latvia is one of the first European countries that has started the discussions about 5G infrastructure and development, usage and coverage. Today the topic of 5G has gone viral and is broadly recognised mostly because of the raised questions about how will it change the future. To get closer to the future, we must ask: what are the challenges now and how we can deal with them whilst we are just adapting to 5G technology?

How will the 5G Hackathon Riga happen?

An industry company presents its business challenge and an IT company looks for a solution according to its competences. This collaboration is to create new digital products and foster growth for the companies. The focus of the hackathon is cross-industry product partnership addressing 4 vertical markets:

  • Smart City;

  • Smart Mobility;

  • Media & Entertainment;

  • Industry 4.0.

Later on all the challenges will be published on 5G Hackathon Riga website and the most innovative ICT companies from the Baltic and Nordic states can see and choose the problems and apply with their potential solution. Afterwards the jury decides which teams have qualified for the hackathon and they can start working on the solution as well as be in close online communication with the corporates that provided the challenges until the on-site hackathon.

On November 27, both companies and teams meet with each other, experts and stakeholders on mentoring sessions.

On November 28, in the last on-site hackathon day there will final pitches and an awards ceremony where the winning team will be announced.

Latvian IT Cluster believes that today corporate hackathon is the tool to enrich the innovation process, help identify new ideas and solutions, and create a unique competitive advantage of a corporate establishment.

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*Official side event of 5G Tehritory Forum

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