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Create a platform for cooperation between the public, private, research and business sectors in the field of intelligent transport and logistics

Promote international cooperation

Organize regular meetings, set up working groups, participate in EU projects

Become an official member of the National ITS Association Network*

Share knowledge about future trends and innovative technologies

Fundraising for new products and

the realization of export activities


ITS Latvia unites the community of the Intelligent Transport and Logistics System (ITS) in Latvia. We provide collaboration between companies with significant advances in smart mobility and offers a wide range of innovative solutions to users, that helps to increase the efficiency, safety and sustainability of transport and logistics.


The network is initiated and coordinated by Latvian IT cluster.

* The Network of National ITS Associations is a grouping of national ITS interests formed in order to ensure that ITS knowledge and information is transmitted to all actors at the local and national level – such as small and medium sized companies – and support ITS promotion from the ground up.

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ITS news
ITS News
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Upcoming Events
Upcoming events

Oct, 2022

ITS Trade Mission to Finland
Application is open until August 1st, 2022

Oct, 2022

ITS Trade Mission to Austria
Application is open until August 1st, 2022

Nov, 2022

Nov, 2022

* If you are interested to participate in these events,

please, contact our ITS project manager Ira Racina

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