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Cross-industry collaboration and digitalisation


The digi-meetups are interactive series of events created for industries who want to educate their companies in the opportunities of new technologies. Perfect for those companies who and want to learn about the best digital practices, already in the market.

The meetups include: a keynote by tech and innovation expert, who showcases the development of technology trends and what use cases can be presented in particular industries, an experience story by industry company who reveals the lessons learnt during their digital transformation process and networking for the attendees to share their own experience.

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X-industry hackathons

X-industry hackathons are practical multi-week events, introduced to encourage cross-industry collaboration and foster corporate innovations or product partnerships. The format is simple – the industry company (manufacturing, forestry, construction etc.) presents its business challenge, the IT company with the respective competences tries to solve it and build a solution. During the hackathon the participants join mentoring sessions on various topics, such as product development, marketing and pitching, as well as learn and evaluate the existing technologies, develop and test a protytpe (if applicable) for the challenge, give feedback and upgrade the prototype.

Based on the needs and possibilities of the industry company, different outcomes are possible – from a product validation to a working prototype to a finalised product offered in the market.

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Digitalisation workshops for one company

Digitalisation workshops for one company are practical events, created for companies/ organisations who take the first steps into innovation thinking and digital transformation. The focus of the workshop is to to give an indepth understanding of technology trends and draft a potential solution or prototype for the company challenges.

The workshops include: the business challenges and vision of the potential solution (presented by the industry company), drafting a solution scenario (what technologies are in the market, what to develop, how to develop, how much time it will require) and financial planning (how much any of these scenarios would cost). Thus, the industry company goes through the whole production circle, learn about the best use cases, compare potential solutions and network with the IT companies.


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SOON: Speed-coaching

Speed-couching sessions are fast consultations to get a feedback or comment on a digital business challenge the industry company faces. It serves a 15-minute consultation where an IT specialist with the respective competence can give a valuable insight in the problem and suggest solutions.


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