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Latvian IT companies enter UAE market

Intensive half year work with local export support expert, that followed with trade mission to the United Arab Emirates on October 2021 in framework of eMesai project have led to another trade mission in November that succeeded with setting up pilot projects and processes of signing contracts between Latvian and United Arab Emirates companies.

First success story is about AdvanGrid, IOT start-up, who has held successful introduction meetings with companies in UAE; presented their energy management solutions, reviewed UAE business infrastructure, and started pilot projects. All this have led to contract coordination process. Their energy monitoring equipment is already being tested at its end costumers from such industries as restaurants, furniture, and gold production.

Similar scenario is being experienced by company Engine Reader who is IOT start-up as well. After successful introduction meetings with companies in UAE their industrial equipment management solutions have led to pilot projects. Their devices are already being tested at its end costumers from such industries as waste recycling plants and generator and other construction equipment rental companies.

United Arab Emirates, as it reveals, are very interested in the solutions from Baltic countries, since they are looking for the best and the newest, also the most creative, digital solutions. UAE wholesalers have shown interest in Latvian IT company Datakom created system Tiki-Taka PAY, the smartest POS system so far, for possible certification in the Emirates. Tiki-Taka PAY is being tested by a particular operator, possible future cooperation partner.

GARMTECH has proven themselves with 2 different cases, which are being tested in UAE. Firstly, they have overtaken world big names – Amazon, Google, with their cloud technology, that provide one of the best speeds in Europe, which is also good for Emirates criteria. GARMTECH technology is based on the newest technologies. Their bonus, that Emirates sees as victory, when it comes to choosing their cloud technology provider is that GARMTECH provides full costumer service and administration, which the big names are lacking. The second case is alternative solution for Drop box or Google drive. GARMTECH have created analog program for office everyday work – document sharing, emails, chat, and possibility with more than 100 plugins can be added to their program. In UAE this is a complete novelty, now GARMTECH is in the process of selling this service.

Success stories from Latvia continues. Squalio, IT and data services group, is in the agreement signing stage with 2 new potential partners in UAE from IT field. These local IT companies offer their own solutions, but are interested in adding Squalio services and competences to their portfolio, providing Squalio with new opportunities in the region.

Last but not the least, Intelligent Systems brought two products to UAE: Sky FMS (Professional GPS fleet control and management solution), and Asigny (effective task management and route optimizer software), both of the products have attracted the attention of the UAE potential partners - companies operating in the construction and transport sector that want to develop additional business by developing a new direction and expanding their existing business. An active negotiation process is happening in the Emirates for the possible start of a test period, during which these potential partners could try out the solutions offered by Intelligent Systems.


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