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Latvian IT Cluster Scales Collaborations in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Expanding engagement in global collaborative projects and supporting export initiatives, the Latvian IT Cluster embarked on a promising journey to enhance the existing collaboration with partners in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The move aims to foster bilateral ties in the realm of Information Technology and digital innovation, a domain in which Latvia has showcased significant progress.

The head of the international cooperation and export department for the Latvian IT Cluster, Ira Raciņa, began her visit at the Technopark coworking space in Bishkek, a bustling IT nexus led by

Ms. Aida Ismailova, which emerged as the focal point of this mission facilitating discussions on the common issues and potential collaboration activities. The establishment, which is Kyrgyzstan's pioneering platform gathering IT enterprises, is on an expansion trajectory. Its imminent plans encompass the incubation of test labs dedicated to IT solutions and facilitating more expansive quarters for large-scale enterprises. The collaborative vision with the Latvian IT Cluster promises to be mutually enriching, with shared knowledge, insights, and potential partnerships for building a strong ITC ecosystem ready for international collaboration.

Ms. Ira Racina had a constructive dialogue with Mr. Arstanbeks Tazabekovs, Latvia's Honorary Consul in Bishkek, and representatives from the High Technology Park further fostering bilateral ties and building mutual understanding of IT sector and cluster role in Latvia. These interactions emphasized the integration of IT innovations, academic institutions, and industry best practices. Given the Latvian IT Cluster's longstanding expertise and the challenges Kyrgyzstan faces in the tech sector, the synergy was inevitable. Anticipating the fruits of this collaboration, Ms. Racina was invited to present insights on the Latvian IT industry and potential market entry strategies to the Kyrgyz tech community later this week.

Building upon this foundation, a series of workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions are planned during the experts' visit to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. These are projected to facilitate the exchange of expertise, best practices, and strategies to further develop partnership plans for business support activities. The visit was facilitated with the support of the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs under grant agreement Nr. LV-90, echoing a collective vision for a digitally integrated future.


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