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Artificial intelligence is the new black in digital transformation for media around the globe

Artificial Intelligence has made our lives much easier, enabling businesses to automate repetitive tasks and customize customer experiences thereby making operations easier and more efficient. Take a look at the ways Tilde’s AI solutions encourage European businesses to evolve in time of digital transformation.

The first AI news anchor in Europe introduced in the Baltics

The first Europe’s AI news anchor recently has been presented in Riga, Latvia. It is a product of cooperation between Tilde, a leading European language technology company, and DELFI, the largest Latvian digital media company.

The AI news anchor is a female character named Laura and she reads news in Latvian using the latest deep machine-learning techniques. Laura’s voice, generated by deep neural networks, mimics the natural language flow, rhythm, and intonation of a human news anchor. Up to now, only Google and Baidu have been able to implement this approach for a limited number of languages.

The next phase of the project will enable interactive communication with the news anchor and will provide a content based on users’ interests. The DELFI AI news anchor joins the range of virtual assistants developed on the Tilde.AI platform that already serve companies, education institutions, and, recently, the government communication with citizens.

Remarkable achievements in Neural Machine Translation

We could name 2018 the year of machine translation! Following the previous year’s success in WMT2017, Tilde’s ENG-ET-ENG machine translation systems have achieved the highest score in WMT2018 — the global Olympics for MT researchers and developers! The technologies used in these award-winning solutions were named among the highest 2018 achievers in sciences in Latvia as well.

Tilde's neural machine translation technology improves translation efficiency and reduces costs by up to 35%. This technology is used by international companies such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle and the European Commission. The benefits of custom machine translation are the following: an adapted industry-specific terminology, secure data storing and wide integration possibilities.

Lithuanian audio and video recordings converted to text by AI

Tilde and Kantar TNS have developed an innovative solution – robots will now help to monitor Lithuanian audio and video recordings and identify words. This AI technology will not only significantly speed up the monitoring of TV and radio recordings, but also improve the efficiency of journalists and stenographers in court hearings and meetings, as well as call centre staff.

This automatic speech recognition technology is based on a deep neural network artificial intelligence model to recognize words and certain structures in sentences. More than 250 hours of speech, 58 million Lithuanian sentences, and over 600 thousand words, including special business keywords, have been used to teach the system developed for Kantar TNS.

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