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ITS Latvia meets with ITS (UK) to explore international collaboration

On April 28th, 2022, ITS UK in partnership with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and ITS Latvia organized "Mobility event: UK-Latvia Intelligent Transport Systems" which took place in London.

ITS (UK) President Steve Norris, the former UK Transport Minister, and Latvia’s Ambassador to the UK, Ivita Burmistre, welcomed attendees to the meeting in person. The event heard from Latvian organisations LMT Innovations, Dots and Rail Baltica about their technology, as well as from the UK Department for Transport, Transport Scotland and Coventry City council who talked about national policy and initiatives, and innovative projects and business opportunities.

ITS (UK) is the world’s oldest national ITS Association, and this year it celebrates 30 years of promoting better transport through technology. Boosting collaboration with them opens up more international opportunities for our members and helps to share good knowledge and examples.

“This collaboration opportunity with ITS (UK) teaches us learning and cooperation,” commented Aiga Irmeja of ITS Latvia. “We can understand how to build partnerships and cooperation, and how our members can gain from international contacts.”

“There's a lot of innovation going on across Europe and across the globe,” added Sunil Budhdeo of Coventry City Council. “This sort of collaboration is excellent for encouraging exchange of information and exchange of knowledge.” Juris Vilders of Dots added, “I do believe that both countries can learn from each other, and the UK can help Latvian ITS to find its way in improving transport.

During the event ITS (UK) and ITS Latvia signed a co-operation Memorandum of Understanding.

“One of the things our members tell us is that opening up international opportunities is one of the most important things we do,” explained ITS (UK) Secretary General Jennie Martin. “By working with organisations like ITS Latvia, we can discover export opportunities for our members, and also learn about new technology developed overseas that could be implemented to improve transport in the UK. It is a real win-win, and why these sorts of events are so important.”


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