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Introduction to the project AUMENTA target markets and their opportunities!

Aumenta webinars review.

One of the project AUMENTA aims is to augment business and cooperation opportunities with strategic partners in third countries beyond Europe and facilitate their integration into global value chains. To fulfil this aim, three online webinars were hold to increase the overall knowledge about the projects target countries – Georgia, Morocco, and Uruguay. Experts from these countries shared inside information about the local business characteristics and export opportunities in their country.

The first webinar “Georgia – market insights and opportunities for SMEs” took place on March 2nd. Giving the inside point of view, which is always the best source for useful information, was the Gateway & Partners managing partner M.Tiknuss and Gateway & Partners Georgia CEO Gvantsa Meladze. In the webinar methodologies on how to do the business with Georgians were explained, as well emphasis was put on food retail and trade overview, and ICT industry trends in the country.

“Georgia business culture is becoming closer to the European, even in Georgia they do not switch to the summertime in order to be closer to European working hours. Business relations sometimes stay informal and trust-based, mostly face-to-face meetings are preferred, but this is changing due to pandemic situation.” – Gvantsa Meladze

The second webinar “Moroccan market, a business and cultural approach for SME” took place on May 25th. Introduction to the Moroccan market and its business opportunities with focus on IT and food sector was presented by Mr. Said Chafik, head of the Support and Promotion Department at the Chamber of commerce of Tetouan and Director of the Higher School of Commerce in Tetouan and the Mediterranean Specialized Institute of Management. In the second part of the webinar Mr. Adel Charradi, Ambassador of AUMENTA in Morocco and Business manager in the Athisa Group International and Coordinator of a nonprofit association “Granada International” introduced all the attendees to the cultural approach when doing business in Morocco.

"Punctuality in Morocco is not necessarily considered a virtue. However, being on time for meetings is important, although you may have to wait."– Mr. Adel Charradi

“Morocco offers an enabling environment for investment in different sectors. Morocco is classified in the ranking of the most competitive economics in the Region, presenting very attractive conditions for national and foreign investors.” - Mr. Said Chafik

The third webinar “URUGUAY – Strategic Gateway to Latin America” took place on June 28th. In the webinar country overview with business and collaboration opportunities were presented by María Inés Mailhos, economist at CPA Ferrere (Uruguay). Delivered to the online event participants were tips and tricks on how to better enter Uruguay market, as well the cultural features which play a big role when doing business there.

Three golden rules that has to be considered when starting to do business in Uruguay: 1) Value to use Uruguay as a gateway to Latin America. 2) Combination of strong institutions and the history of respect for political, social, economic freedom, ensures a stable framework. 3) Human relations often plan an important role.” -Maria Ines Mailhos

This article is part of the project AUMENTA that was funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme.

* The content of this article represents the views of the author only and is his/her sole responsibility; it cannot be considered to reflect the views of the European Commission and/or the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) or any other body of the European Union. The European Commission and the Agency do not accept any responsibility for use that may be made of the information it contains.


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