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English Language Improvement Opportunity for Ukrainian Workforce at RBS

Our members Riga Business School (RBS) has decided to provide 3 month-long General English language training to 50 Ukrainians who have sought asylum in Latvia. We would like to address companies that are ready to improve the English language skills of their newly hired (or soon-to-be hired) Ukrainian employees. We want to assist Ukrainians in learning or improving their language skills.

RBS will provide dedicated and professional faculty to ensure quality language training, but because these are paid courses, they will need assistance with fee funding, to cover these expenses. Riga Business School is willing to provide this opportunity to IT, data analytics, or project management sphere workforce. The price is Eur 500 for one course for one person. The course fee covers the lecturers' pay for their work, allowing them to feel respected and comfortable with what they are committing to, learning materials (books, online app, etc.); administrative and organizational expenses are covered by Riga Business School.

Language classes will begin on May 23. The existing English knowledge level will be assessed prior to the training, in order to form the appropriate groups. RBS will start training, if at least one group of 10 people is completed. The amount of the donation for the courses is directly proportional to the application activity of those wishing to learn.

The announcement will be published through the various platforms on which Ukrainians receive information.

RBS is kindly asking to join them in this initiative and fund the studies of Ukrainians who want to improve their English language skills.


Administration of Riga Business School

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