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Meditec entering the market in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Meditec Ltd has started customization and implementation negotiations of their developed healthcare information systems AB Solutions, EMY and eHealthPoint in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The cooperation started in Dubai during the 36th GITEX Technology Week. Participation in the IT event was supported from European Union funded Central Baltic program project “ICT Meta Cluster”.

We have arranged a confidential agreement with an organization in Bahrain that helps us to offer our products to the Kingdom of Bahrain, customize them to their needs and engage in marketing and prospective clients.

The first phase of this cooperation has already started. In this phase we are presenting our products, their necessity and benefits to the organization, which will be beneficial not only to the citizens, but also to the entire health care system in the whole kingdom.

In the second phase of the project, it is planned to work specifically on adapting our systems to the specifics of Bahrain, because it is located on 3 large islands and several small ones. It is necessary to adapt the Emy solution to the territorial specifics, reachability, perceptibility and other important aspects to ensure continuity and availability of the service.

The third step is to deliver our software and test it in the Kingdom of Bahrain through the introduction of our IS AB Solutions test version in health care facilities.

It is planned to conclude a separate contract for the actual implementation of the software if the testing process is successful.

More information about Meditec and its products:

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