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Tilde develops new partnerships in Asia

Tilde – one of the European leaders in Language Technology research and development has extended its partnership network in Asia by signing cooperation agreements with two of the largest regional localisation service providers - Alaya from Japan and Hansem EUG from South Korea.

This is jet another step to widen Tilde’s global partnership network offering its localisation, transcreation and state-of-the-art machine translation services to global client base. Tilde offers its translation and language technology services for the complex languages e.g. Baltic, Scandinavian, Central and Eastern European, Arabic etc. to Alaya and Hansem EUG clients.

Tilde’s European clients will also benefit from these new partnership agreements by having access to translation/ localisation/ transcreation services for Chinese, Japanese, Korean and variety of other Asian languages while entering the large markets in Eastern Asia.

Support from “ICT Meta Cluster” project was very important trigger for establishment of the new contacts and entering into new business relationships.

More information about Tilde and its services:

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