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Mtrx International enters US market with its citizen engagement platform

Mtrx International, a company that provides citizen engagement platform, has successfully entered the US market by signing an Agreement with Estonian American Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EACCI) on summer 2018. Mtrx International has provided the mobile platform MobillyCity for EACCI to meet the specific needs of US market for evaluation and tests and further development of solutions in US market.

MobillyCity is a solution of interfaces that understands and integrates various systems, data sources and functions of the city. It integrates and translates the city services to easy understandable, convenient cross-platform that supports mobile applications, web pages and client centers.

MobillyCity allows the city to hear, feel and help its inhabitants. It’s crucial to make the citizens feel involved, provide an access to relevant information in a convenient way and to get help whenever it’s necessary. MobillyCity saves resources for the city and the time for the citizens.

Mtrx International has been supported in the ICT Meta Cluster project with market research and travelling services to help company to enter the complicated but highly rewarding US market.

More information about the company can be found here:

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