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Know your data and how to grow big – SQUALIO case study in Ukraine

ATB Market is a dynamically developing grocery store chain with locations across Ukraine. During the last 25 years, the company has grown into the largest national retail network. Currently, the trading network ATB Market has more than 900 stores in 237 locations in 22 regions of Ukraine and it continues to demonstrate high growth rates. Every day more than 3 million Ukrainians make purchases in ATB stores. At the moment, the company employs about 60 000 people, and the number of computers is 4000.

ATB Market employees used different applications for inner communication such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. There was chaos and it was difficult to understand what, when and where they discuss work, how they transfer files and how they contact their colleagues in different subsidiaries. Squalio Ukraine team offered to implement one solution–Skype for Business. It is an easy, local solution which helps people establish contact immediately.

Regarding the data analytics tool, Squalio implemented Power BI and Azure Information protection for data security. Additionally, Microsoft 365 cloud solutions allowed to collect all data in a single location, meaning unrestricted file access for every employee anywhere at anytime.

Vladimir Dubrovsky, Deputy CIO ATB Market Ukraine refers: “Because of step by step implementation, the adaptation process was not so painful for the company's employees and it is a great merit of Squalio Ukraine team. Colleagues quite easily adapted to new applications and proposed IT solutions. What we see now is that employees work quicker and more productively than they had previously. They are mobile and their reaction time has decreased by half. Now we can work even better. We have more time to think about our customers and be more careful with each transaction.”

ICT Metacluster project supported Squalio with marketing activities to help them enter the fast-growing Ukraine market. More information about SQUALIO you can find here

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