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D8 Corporation implements a smart payments terminal network development project in Kazakhstan

D8 Corporation has signed an agreement together with one of the most innovative FinTech companies in Kazakhstan to develop a "smart commerce" project.

First part of the project will be development of "smart payments" terminal based on Android software.

Smart payments terminal will be used for by brick&mortar store operators to accept payments, using various types of payment cards (contactless, EMV), print fiscal receipts and view current payment details and, when necessary, transaction history.

Second part of the project will be deployment of Gate2Bank payment cards processing system. This system will allow D8 client to scale and manage network of payment terminals, as well as automatically calculate transactional commissions and route acquired transactions to the bank-acquirer.

One of the most important features of this system will be ability to accept any payment cards by integrating with second-level banks of Kazakhstan. Banks will apply only internal banking tariffs and commissions to the payments, offering more competitive transaction processing rates to small and medium enterprises.

Third part of the project will be installation of “Gate2Bank Merchant Management” module, that will be used for managing application of merchantsfor the service, so that merchants could open an account, order smart terminal devices and start accepting payments from customers immediately.

“Gate2Bank Merchant Management” also provides smooth remote console for merchants, allowing them to track results of their business, manage transactions and disputes, settle on commissions with the service provider, etc.

ICT Metacluster project supported D8 Corporation with product development and certification as well as travel services to help them enter the fast-growing Kazakhstan market. Within the scope of this project D8 Corporation received full PCI-DSS certification, which allow D8 Corporationto provide a full range of SLA services for live payment processing systems, as well as host all software remotely, providing it to the client on a service basis.

More information about the company can be found

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