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STARTUP3 project has reached its finish

STARTUP3 Business and Growth Programme is finished. As an EU H2020-funded project, it aimed to build an ecosystem where cluster SMEs, technology SMEs, market-oriented researchers, deep tech ventures, individual innovators/researchers with innovative ideas are given an opportunity to bring their idea into industry. The Final Event took place in Sophia Antipolis (29-31.11) in the scope of the STARTUP3 Deep Tech week envisioned as a Brokerage Day for the Top startups!

What is the legacy that STARTUP3 leaves behind?

Among the 250 applicants, Top 25 were selected to enter the acceleration programme using the Peer-to-peer evaluation process in order for best startups to emerge regardless of the specific sector to which they dedicate. The acceleration process lasted for one year and each phase of the project was dedicated to certain aspects of startups’ growth, product development and capacity building. The phases also served to sift through the Top 25, then Top 10 and announce Top 5 startups! To put things into geographical perspective, in the highly competitive selection, STARTUP3 Top 25 startups come from Serbia (2 startups), France (4), Czechia, Spain (3), Ireland, Denmark, Italy (3), Greece (3), Poland, Netherlands (2), Latvia, Cyprus and Slovenia!

As one of the main pillars of the project, members of the Corporate Pool (corporates and later on investors, supporting organisations and other relevant external stakeholders) were an indispensable part in startups’ growth. Not only through the mentoring and matchmaking, Corporate Pool Members provided valuable lessons on pitching, negotiation, and what it takes to succeed in the market.

Services and impact created provided through the STARTUP3

Our top startups are the ones to make the shift in deep-tech area! Tackling burning issues in retail, agritech, medtech, smart cities, space, robotics, artificial intelligence but also cyber-security, consumer awareness, emotional analytics and ways to fight COVID-19, STARTUP3 innovators are bringing now their solutions to the market. This has been done through the numerous services provided in the scope of the acceleration programme:

  • 60+ Connection-meetings with potential clients, business/technological partners, business enablers and supports.

  • 60+ Workshops – working with each startup individually on specific business thematics from Problem Solving to Fundraising.

  • 50+ Mentorship – regular 1-1 meetings to understand the startups’ needs

  • 25+ Coaching – individual coaching with Mental Coach Ornella Solari (Hola-Up) to upgrade Entrepreneurial skills.

  • 15+ Training webinars – collective webinar sessions ranging from IP Rights and Business Development to Marketing and product development.

  • 2 Investor Tribunes – pitch-meetings of Top5 with Sophia Business Angels, and access to the Hello Tomorrow Investor Day in Paris in the frame of the STARTUP3 Deep Tech Week.

  • 2 Pitch Stops– pitching events, milestones of the acceleration programme for the Top-startups selection,

  • 3 Innovation Challenges – pitch competitions open to the STARTUP3 clusters’ ecosystems,

  • 3 Ecosystem Discovery Missions – Occasions for each Clusters’ stakeholders to share their respective innovation practices, and Corporations to present their needs for deep-tech innovation

  • And of course, the STARTUP3 Brokerage Day that was held in physical format in Sophia Antipolis and allowed us to showcase the Top5 startups to the French Deep-Tech Ecosystem and facilitate in-person B2B meetings.

What lies ahead?

If these activities and chances to grow have caught your eye know that this is just one of the many opportunities for startups to join acceleration programmes and get business and other types of support including funding. Thanks to EU programmes such as Horizon 2020 (at this point closed for new submissions and followed by Horizon Europe) European Commission’s Digital Strategy and Startup Europe, you can find more opportunities in the upcoming period! Make sure you also follow our consortium in order to get the latest news about fresh calls and opportunities!


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