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Recommendation booklet for policy makers

This document is aimed at elaborating a booklet that includes policy recommendations for European and third countries SMEs and other authorities involved in internationalization and export promotion.

The booklet contains the following parts:

1. Project context and proposed methodology;

2. Lessons learned during project execution in Caucasus, North Africa and Latin America;

3. Policy recommendations for European SMEs and other authorities and third countries SMEs and other authorities;

4. Ways of promoting cluster cooperation with national authorities from third countries.

The recommendations are based on the lessons learned from the AUMENTA project - a novel and interdisciplinary project funded by the European Commission under COSME Programme that is aimed at speeding up network internationalization of food, ICT Industry 4.0 clusters and their SMEs towards strategic third countries beyond Europe in field of emerging industries and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG 4.0).

Especially, it takes into consideration learnings from the implementation of a pioneering X-Industry Internationalization Programme that supports European SMEs in their fast internationalization to three continents, creating new cooperation and business opportunities to support growth, jobs and wealth.

Additionally, general lessons learned from the implementation of project activities have been included in the booklet, as well as the impact of COVID pandemic on AUMENTA’s project, consortium and partners from third countries.

Policy brief framework
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