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Latvian IT Cluster has joined the EUH4D

Earlier this year 9 new DIHs joined the DIH Federation, one of them also us - Latvian IT Cluster.

EUHubs4Data is a dynamic federation with the goal to constantly improve its reach, the variety and depth of its services and therefore its impact. To do so the project launched an open call to select 18 new DIHs working on Big Data and AI. The onboarding of the new DIHs completes the Federation expansion process started in 2021; in fact, it has foreseen 9 DIHs to join EUHubs4Data in 2021 and 9 more in 2022, meeting the project KPI of 18 DIHs overall.

The EUH4D catalogue will be enriched with the assets coming from these new round of DIHs recently incorporated. They could add new learning opportunities to the training catalogue and their services and datasets could be exploited by SMEs during the next open call for experiments by the end of this year, and by any organisations interested in benefitting from data-driven services.

The newly onboarded DIHs also have the I-Spaces label granted from BDVA as a result of their open call in 2021.


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