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Latvian DIH is part of extensive European Digital Innovations Hubs (EDIH) network

To increase the competitiveness of SMEs and help them dynamically respond to digital challenges, the European Commission has established European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH), which will guide the digital development of companies in European countries.

Passing the European-wide selection and ensuring the fulfillment of all criteria, we, Latvian IT Cluster now are one of the two Digital Innovation Hubs on a European scale in Latvia.

Considering that the main goal of EDIH is to promote the use and integration of digital technologies in business, we will work us digitization guide for Latvian companies, especially SMEs, by helping them to find the most appropriate solutions to improve their productivity, optimize processes and make them modern, digitization-oriented companies.

“As EDIH our main goal is to reach and help as many Latvian companies as possible to use this opportunity, also while working with the masses our task is not to lose the guarantee of quality. In order to ensure this, Latvian IT companies will come to our aid, offering market-proven as well as one of the most current and innovative solutions for business processes." acknowledges Ilze Raudiņa, the project manager of the Digital Innovation Hub.

Realizing that digital transformation is a long-term development process consisting of smaller digitization projects with the need for investment, the state has developed various digital transformation support programs. Including, starting from training in the use of digital technologies and software, up to the application of a large amount of investment for the needs of Industry 4.0 - industrial production. Financial support, within the framework of the European project, will be available to companies for digitization from the third quarter of 2022.

In order to be able to provide companies with the best support and expert opinions, we as DIH have signed a memorandum of cooperation with the digital innovation hubs of the countries of the Baltic Sea region, including Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania and Estonia, in order to share the digitization experience and knowledge of different countries. However, the success factor depends on the desire and readiness of the companies themselves to change. In order for the digitalization process to be successful, the company must take important preparatory steps - identifying the processes of its business that need to be improved and justifying the need. It is necessary to make sure of the availability of co-financing, as well as determine the results to be achieved, i.e. determining productivity indicators at the moment and setting forecasts for the future.

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