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India-Nordic-Baltic Conclave 2020: 5 November 2020: over virtual platform

The exhibition will help the Latvian companies to exhibit themselves and engage with the Indian market. The virtual exhibition booth is designed in such a way that it gives real-life experience to both the exhibitor and the visitor.

The features of the virtual booth are (which can be seen in the below video link):

1. Choose from select exhibition booths layouts

2. Upload company brochure and banner

3. Upload product details

4. Upload company video

5. Connect with visitor via email, sms, online chat and video call

6. Booth representative

7. Visitor Analysis

8. Link to company’s social media page

9. Link to company’s website

I am sharing with you the link for setting up virtual booth It will give you an idea of how the booth will look like.

Overseas Exhibitors Pricing:

· For Single Exhibitor – Euro 175 + Taxes

· Package for 3 Exhibitors – Euro 450 + Taxes


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