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Drone – not only for photography and video – the Latvian drones fly and de-ice the wind turbine blad

The Latvian company Aerones is the pioneers in the sky conquering with drones. Not so long in the past they made the world’s first drone jump and now they are the first again - Aerones offers to clean and de-ice the wind turbine blades with a drone.

After several years of trials and upgrades, Aerones opens a new phase in the Renewable Energy maintenance sector. Backed by a 20 years of R&D experience they elaborated a method for cleaning windmill blades with the drone.

A lot of factors could provoke the airfoil break of the blades: snow, ice, pollution, humidity, dust, insects, etc. It is known that a good maintenance of wind turbines and, specially, of the blades can increase the efficiency as much as 20% or even as much as 100% in case of frost or snow on its blades.

The new service aims to provide an effective, practical and economical alternative for cleaning the wind turbine blades using machinery adapted to the needs as well as technicians who are specialized in cleaning work by Automated Drone.

The maintenance of wind turbines is something assumed in a wind turbine operational cost, even though the current methods are very slow, expensive and involve a high risk for the personnel.

So don’t be surprised that after some time you will see the drones next to wind turbines in your country – they are not aliens stealing energy – they are the Latvian drones that help the companies earn more money!



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