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Lietuviešu uzņēmums meklē sadarbības partnerus

TeleSoftas is a consulting and software development service company, started in 2004 to provide high-end bespoke solutions in mobile, big data, FinTech, communications and other sectors.

TeleSoftas is looking for partners from Baltic countries (technology companies) to join the project BEE-NET based on joint action plan for market entry to Germany or another mutually relevant international market. The main focus - professional consultancy services (market research, feasibility studies etc.) and relevant development of marketing plans for internationalization.

Telesoftas is looking for the companies from ICT sector that delivers full ICT outsourcing services or it could be SaaS (Software as a service) providers that develops software and product engineering solutions focused on high value-added service chains and innovative solutions in the mobile technology, data processing (Big Data), FinTech, communication and sharing platforms sectors.“

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