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Moroccan company has chosen DEAC data centers high quality services and support

Choosing the best web platform to advertise and receive qualitative leads can be very struggling nowadays when there are millions of web pages all around the digital network. Qualitative statistics of the web page and closed transactions are information tools that DEAC uses to analyze each potential web page before advertising there.

With the support of ICT Meta Cluster project DEAC concluded an agreement with Data Center Map that gathers information about data centers worldwide helping customers to find the exact data center that they are looking for their business. Data Center Map’s web page gives an opportunity to reach customers in markets that DEAC do not or cannot cover directly. After placing advertisement banner in Data Center Map’s web page, DEAC received qualitative web page sessions, leads and closed deals. This marketing campaign opened a new market country – Morocco (the client's name is not disclosed under the confidentiality agreement).

After making a web purchase and choosing a virtual server rental in webpage, company from Morocco mentioned that the most important factors choosing our solutions was DEAC’s high quality standards and geolocation, because of their target customers in Baltic region. Customer uses a virtual server to maintain its web page and was very satisfied with DEAC professionalism and data availability after the first months, therefore extended the contract for a year and added an additional solution – data backup. Now our customer’s business web page is secured with duplication that is ready to be used in case of an accident.

Moroccan company appreciates DEAC’s ability to customize IT resources as when needed. In case of a sudden or seasonal increase of website visitors, DEAC will quickly adapt resources to let visitors enjoy fast and continuous availability of the website.

Since opening a business in 1999, DEAC has accumulated vast experience and diversified its business risks by serving customers from different countries. It is always a pleasure to find customers from new abroad markets that appreciate and trust our services.

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