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Expansion of Demola Network to Latvia - new platform for innovations

Latvian IT Cluster takes part in the Nordic-Baltic Mobility and Network Programme for Business and Industry. This project intends to bring together all main industries and sectors (IT, electronic, metalworking, logistics and transport) and also involve representatives from academic sector with the very important goal - to establish and to run successfully DEMOLA Riga/Latvia platform, and to connect it with DEMOLA Network.

The main objectives of the project:

  • Increase the knowledge capacity of the future DEMOLA Riga/Latvia project managers and potential facilitators about the administrative and operational processes of the platform;

  • Introduce the Latvian IT Cluster member companies and partners to the DEMO sessions where students are introducing their products to the business sector;

  • Facilitate more effective end efficient DEMOLA technology transfer into the Latvian national setting;

  • Establish Nordic-Baltic DEMOLA network connections for future collaboration.

Project lifetime: 29.10.2013. - 28.05.2014.

Project number: BI-GRO-286

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