October 1, 2018

ITC compensation and productivity survey commissioned by Latvian IT Cluster in cooperation with Fontes confirmed that the best paid industry in Latvia is IT. Survey results show that salary in the IT industry this year has increased by 7.9%. It should be noted that salary growth is justified –productivity in industry is growing fast too.

Press Release in Latvian

May 23, 2018

Mārtiņš Sils – a Latvian entrepreneur, traveller, adventurer and freelance educator. At the moment he divides his time between Latvia and Australia, though not for the usual work or family reasons. Mārtiņš has decided to travel by motorbike from Australia to Latvia. How does he balance his life’s passion with success in business? His recipe – hard work and having a team he can trust.

Wild trips, the freelance educator movement and a successful IT business

Mārtiņš Sils has two passions, which he has successfully combined – his IT solution company and travel. He got the travel b...

May 22, 2018

The Latvian company Aerones is the pioneers in the sky conquering with drones. Not so long in the past they made the world’s first drone jump and now they are the first again - Aerones offers to clean and de-ice the wind turbine blades with a drone.

After several years of trials and upgrades, Aerones opens a new phase in the Renewable Energy maintenance sector. Backed by a 20 years of R&D experience they elaborated a method for cleaning windmill blades with the drone.

A lot of factors could provoke the airfoil break of the blades: snow, ice, pollution, humidity, dust, i...

April 26, 2018

With four success stories closes the first X-industry hackathon in Latvia. Four indutry companies - – VAS “Latvijas Dzelzceļš”, SIA “LODE”, LVMI “Silava”, SIA “Valpro” and tree IT companies - SIA “Datakom”, SIA “Burti” un SIA “DIVI Grupa” meet in the event to solve business issues. Companies admit – digitalisation is simpler than expected.

During five weeks four teams that were created by merging industry and IT companies were working to solve business issues in sectors such as railway infrastructure, manufacturing and forestry. Participants note that teams will continue to c...

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