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What is eStepControl?

e-StepControl is a software used as a means of data security to identify any suspicious activity likely related to privileges violation that is carried out by an information system user or by some other person using stolen user account data. The suspicious activity is understood as the activities that were not typical to the particular user behaviour during the previous accesses to the information system.
E-StepControl is a solution that enables the information system manager to detect, for example, the events of user account data stealth and misuse by another person acting on behalf of the user without his/her knowledge, or the events of violation by the user of his/her privileges for any reason. The Software will be useful in the situations when it is necessary to provide a user with broad access to the data stored in the system in specific cases, but not continuously. The described situations are a challenge for any information system containing restricted data, and e-StepControl is a tool that will enable the information system manager to monitor the use of the accumulated data and be immediately informed about any suspicious activity.

Benefits of eStepControl

> Allows to identify suspicious user activity early and possibly prevent data breach before it has happened

> Reduce business and compliance risks

> Understanding and evaluating actual behaviour

> A non-intrusive and safe solution

> Simple and affordable solution

Where eStepControl is used?

> eStepControl is available as Azure service. User behavior is determined by analyzing the IT system's audit trail

> Audit data to Azure service is provided in a depersonalised manner

> For user profile storing are used MongoDB

> Self-training AI/ML algorithms based on Markova chains and Neuron networks are used.

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