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The National Library of Latvia - Mūkusalas Street 3

PAST: Kr. Valdemara str. 21, 2nd floor, Riga


Strategic position

The Riga Information Technology Demonstration Centre (IT Demo Centre) is the uniting force for the Latvian IT sector and represent not just a few select companies but the entire Latvian IT industry.


Mission of the Riga IT Demo Centre

To be the most modern information technology demonstration centre in the Baltic countries which, using the latest IT solutions from Latvia and the world, will create a platform for international recognition of the Latvian IT sector, demonstrate applicability of IT solutions developed in Latvia and ensure efficient knowledge and information exchange with foreign partners, business persons, scientists, state officials and students.


Strategic Goals of the Riga IT Demo Centre

- To present solutions developed by the Latvian IT Cluster and other companies
-  To encourage new business contacts and export of services/products by members of the Riga IT Demo Centre
- To strengthen and enhance the image of the Latvian IT sector in the world, generating trust in the IT That Cares” brand


Address: Riga IT Demo Centre premises are in Riga, Kr.  Valdemara street 21 (2nd floor).

More information can be found on our webpage www.rigaitdemocentre.com and on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/demonetwork   or http://www.facebook.com/RigaITDemoCentre) and in news section, for example, launching event


Sponsors are FMS & TIETO.

Riga IT Demo Centre supporters are companies LattelecomBirotehESM Group and PureChocolate.
Riga IT  Demo Centre was established within the ICT DCNet project, also cofinanced by the ICT Platform project and activities cofinanced by IT KVAP (Cluster Development project).


For more information you can contact:

Riga IT Demo Centre
+ 371 67089815
+ 371 26180773

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