Ligo Ligo App


WSA - Mobile Winner in the category m-Tourism & Culture 2010

The Līgo Līgo app is an iPhone application dedicated to the traditional Ligo (solstice) festival celebrates by Latvians as mid-summer night approaches. Ligo is the most cherished tradition of the year and for generations the central ritual of this festivity has been the singing of traditional Ligo songs.

The Ligo Ligo app includes more than 400 traditional Latvian Ligo folk songs, both the melody and several traditional instrumental samples. The app also lets one use iPhone/iPod touch as a music instrument and play along with the songs. It makes the traditional Ligo singing ritual more entertaining for younger generations which tend to avoid this tradition.

The Ligo Ligo app is the first branded mobile entertainment app in Latvia and - contrary to expectations - it received considerable attention from the local community, becoming the most downloaded free app of the Latvian App Store in the first days after the launch.

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The Līgo Līgo iPhone application stands out among all the apps available for its role in preserving cultural heritage and bringing it to a new generation. The app brings the traditions of the Ligo festival to young Latvians and invites them to share in the central ritual of singing traditional Ligo songs.

With Līgo Līgo, younger generations get over avoiding the festival because they don’t know the lyrics of songs. The app includes not just the traditional Ligo folk songs, but also several traditional musical instrument samples. The iPhone/iPod touch is turned into a music instrument to play along with the songs, making traditional Ligo singing much more entertaining.

The Ligo Ligo app is the first branded mobile entertainment app in Latvia. The importance of these folk songs to world culture was recognised by UNESCO this year and the winning WSA should further encourage the clever use of mobile in preserving cultural heritage and making it more accessible to young people.