Tieto provides contactless technology solution for mobile NFC project of MTS and MasterCard in Russia


16 May 2012 at 2.00 pm EET

Tieto has provided an advanced Tieto Card Suite Contactless host solution for MTS Bank, issuer and acquirer of payment cards. The delivery is part of the Near Field Communication (NFC) project implemented by telecommunications operator MTS and MasterCard. This is the first NFC product with the contactless MasterCard® PayPass® in Russia, released for mass usage without region and merchant network limitations technology. Russian consumers can now pay for their purchases without having the traditional plastic bank card present. All they need is a mobile phone with a special SIM card with built-in NFC chip.

For consumers, this new service offers faster and more convenient payments, increasing the flexibility and speeding up the buying process to a matter of seconds by simply holding a mobile phone to POS (Point of Sale) terminal. Today MTS launched the distribution of NFC SIM cards in its most popular sale offices in Moscow. By the end of 2012, NFC SIM cards will be available in operator's retail chain in other regions of Russia.

Tieto Card Suite Contactless solution consists of software enhancements to support contactless data processing in issuing and acquiring directions. It ensures card issuing, authorization and data preparation for personalization. The solution for the acquirer part allows acquiring of contactless cards in POS terminals according to MasterCard rules.

The current payment business development tendencies clearly indicate the demand for faster, more convenient and secure payments as well as a notable shift from the familiar types of payments to the new ones like cardless payments.

MasterCard PayPass is an innovative contactless payment feature that provides consumers with a fast and convenient alternative to cash for their everyday purchases, and can be added to any MasterCard® or Maestro® account. Whether enabled via a phone, card, key fob, mobile payment tag or other device, MasterCard's PayPass technology offers consumers a safe, simple and smart way to pay for goods and services in 37 countries at nearly 425 000 merchant locations worldwide. Consumers simply tap on a specially equipped merchant terminal, eliminating the need to fumble for cash and coins, swipe or hand their card over to a clerk. PayPass purchases below 1 000 RUR are done without PIN.

"The Contactless technology has been known for a while and has already penetrated the major markets in different countries worldwide. Tieto`s Contactless solution allows reducing the time required to pay for goods and services by means of a card or any other device with an integrated chip, thanks to an option to execute a payment without any physical contact between the card and terminal," says Maris Ozolins, Director at Tieto Financial Services.

For further information please contact:
Maris Ozolins, Director, Cards, Tieto Financial Services, tel. +371 6 751 0000, maris.ozolins(at)
Elena Prorokova, PR Director, MasterCard in Russia, tel. + 7 495 937-77-10, elena_prorokova(at)
Vita Savinskaya, PR Technologies Agency, tel. +7 495 545-06-07, mastercard(at)


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MTS Bank is an Open Joint-Stock Company that was established on January 29, 1993. MTS Bank is a universal commercial bank which is among top 30 banks in Russia and is the Authorized bank of Moscow Government. Based on 19-year experience, MTS Bank is intensively developing and strengthening the position of a universal bank with up-to-date banking technologies and diversified client base. MTS Bank is the head organization of the Banking group of MTS Bank which also includes Dalcombank (Khabarovsk) and East-West United Bank (Luxembourg). The principal shareholder of the group is JSFC Sistema. Services network of MTS Bank covers 49 cities in 30 largest regions of Russia.