Tieto and First Investment Bank introduce contactless card solution in Bulgaria

 Tieto Corporation         PRESS RELEASE         31 August 2011 at 10.00 am EET

First Investment Bank and Tieto introduce the first contactless card payment solution to the Bulgarian market. The card solution is based on wireless technology and it increases merchants' business performance by offering their customers a flexible and fast way of paying. First Investment Bank is one of the largest banks in Bulgaria and the card business leader in the country.

The contactless card system's benefits are obvious in the fast moving consumer goods and entertainment industry. Tieto's solution brings immediate cost efficiency for merchants as it speeds up the payment process while ensuring highly secure data transmission. For today's consumers the contactless card solution offers a new level of convenience and safety at the counter. The payment process takes just a few seconds, wireless technology allows cardholders to pay by swiping a payment card over the card reader.

Mariana Sadjaklieva, Head of Cards Department at First Investment Bank, says: "We want to offer better service and demonstrate our ambition, capability as well as commitment to be the top player in the card business. The contactless card system answers the need for modern payment services because it brings competitive advantage for merchants and lets customers enjoy an easy way to pay for their purchases. Thanks to Tieto's expertise and experience, the system was designed and developed effectively, and integrated smoothly.

Director Maris Ozolins at Tieto joins the bank's vision of a wireless future: "Contactless card systems are one of the latest trends on banking. We want to be in the forefront of creating new payment solutions and see that they provide a new competitive advantage for our customers who want to lead this market."

For further information please contact:
Maris Ozolins, Director, Cards, Tieto Financial Services, phone +371 67510000


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