The EC funded project EuroTraining has developed a new free webinar: The Internet of Things as opportunity for SME and university. The access is here.

It provides a series of short lectures given by specialists in the field:

  • Towards ultra-low power IoT
  • Ultra-low power digital computing
  • Channel-Aware Strategies for Ultra-Low Power IoT Wireless Links
  • Power management for sub-mW electronic devices
  • 5G and the IoT
  • Smart Systems for Robotics and Biomedical Applications
  • Impulse-Radio Ultra-Wide-Band
  • Bio-inspired electronics
  • IoT on the field
  • Micro-for-Nano: approach for nanosensors integration onto CMOS electronics

Article was created within ERDF project „IT KVAP – Informācijas tehnoloģiju klastera vēstniecības, akadēmija, platformas” (Project ID KAP/, Agreement No L-KAP-12-0008). More information about project here.