The first season of project DEMOLA Latvia has ended!

On 30th of June, 2014 with presentations by teams has ended first season of international innovation student – entrepreneurs cooperation platform DEMOLA Latvia.  For the best project jury recognized FARMERIT technology promotion in agriculture project, which was made in cooperation with project partner – information technology company FMS. Experts and professionals welcomed the role of the project team for successful realisation.                                                          

Revealing the measure, Ambassador of Finland Pirko Hämäläinen was happy to see all DEMOLA participating people and with interest promised to follow the result of the first season. As DEMOLA Project was started in Finland, ambassador expressed satisfaction, because more and more European countries, including Latvia, take over this experience: „Students role and contribution in society development are invaluable. Projects like this are really necessary, because winners are both – entrepreneurs who search for solutions and students who get the real, business experience”.                                           

Three months students in interdisciplinary teams searched for solution to a real problem or challange, which was submitted by a company. For some of students this project was first practical experience outside university, but for some – it was another everyday project, but for all of students DEMOLA gives unique opportunity to participate in new product development and commercialism, also it gives better understanding about personal growth and the right conditions for competitiveness. DEMOLA is good start-platform for those, who think about their own start-up creation, but not sure yet about all competences, which are necessary.   

Ernests Stals, TechHub Riga and co-founder as an expert  constructively evaluated presented solutions, welcomed students to formulate problem and the proposed solution more specifically, but he also said, that ideas, which students created, was really qualitative: „Almost all project solutions I see as a real business potential, with these ideas student teams could continue to work and create start-up, if they want to and if they have initiative”.                                                   

As the best project from all seven the jury acknowledged FARMERIT project, which was made in cooperation with IT company FMS, which gave students challenge to find solution, how to promote technology use in agriculture. FARMERIT team (University of Latvia, Faculty of Computing student Osvalds Neiders, Riga Technical University, Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management student Mārtiņš Straupmanis and Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences Social sciences student Līga Rulle) offered solution, which includes resources management, analysis of soil and fields monitoring from air, using flying drone. For more information about project look here:    

As the second best project jury acknowledged EYECAM project, whos initiator were TV channel and short-film producing company ARTV. Team demonstrated first prototype – cyclope doll KUKU with built in camera in eye location, which allows children to learn first filming skills and for adults – to know world as child see it.                                                                                                             

The third place and sympathy prize get project Magic Stardust, which initiator was company Sidrabe. Team offered solution for earrings that cause a allergic reaction – with silver coated titanium spring, which is possible to drag any earring in place, where it come into a contact with the body.                                                          

Barbara Ābele, associate professor of Art Academy of Latvia, expressed satisfaction about opportunity during project provide with advice few teams about design thinking and meet different, interesting students, which worked with really different projects: „The only way, how to compete and survive in modern world market is working together with in interdisciplinary team, this is what DEMOLA learns, that’s why I consider, that this project has a great future”.                                    

Māris Ēlerts, former Latvian Investment and Development Agency innovation department director, at this time, Ventspils University College associate professor: „It’s good that in Latvia there is this interdisciplinary platform. Like in the garden there are different colours of flowers, at this time in Latvia flourish different innovation promotion initiatives. DEMOLA is one of the first projects, where students about their ideas and intellectual property can get money from company, which is provided case. In DEMOLA students can learn cooperation with companies and what is really important – teamwork”.  

Latvian IT Cluster initiated and runs the project DEMOLA Latvia. Lilita Sparane, Cluster Executive Director, is proud about the successful conclusion of the project, she welcomed entrepreneurs to apply and submit interesting cases to new season of DEMOLA in autumn. For companies membership is for free, but need to consider the time, which devote for students and also commit in the end of project to buy a license the resulting of solution usage, if teams created solutions seems valuable.

Pictures from final pitch can find here


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