Riga IT Demo Centre celebrates its first anniversary

On July 4, Riga IT Demo centre celebrates its first anniversary. Since establishment last year the Demo Centre has welcomed more than 1250 guests representing 22 countries.

On July 4, 2012, with participation of the Minister of Economics of the Republic of Latvia Mr. Daniels Pavļuts, Riga IT Demo centre has been opened for visitors to become a demonstration place for Latvian IT solutions, where every interested person, particularly foreign entrepreneurs and politicians, could discover, see and tray most recent IT solutions created by the Latvian IT Cluster members – biggest, most rapidly growing and most creative IT enterprises of Latvia.

Riga IT Demo Centre in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Economics as well as foreign embassies in Latvia has welcomed politicians, diplomats and entrepreneurs from Japan, South Africa, Turkmenistan, Estonia, Uzbekistan, Norway, Georgia, Moldova, Turkey, Germany, Belarus, Taiwan, Finland, China, Belgium, Lithuania, Armenia, USA, Korea, Pakistan, Sweden and the UK.

During open day events school pupil and student groups from Riga and regions have visited the Riga IT Demo Centre expressing an interest for Latvian IT sector achievements, for example virtual tours created by the member of the Latvian IT Cluster Giraffe Visualization Group, who received German Business Award 2013, Latvian National Digital Library, as well as IT solutions created by Tilde, SAF Tehnika and DEAC, who have recently received the Red Jackets award, and many more IT solutions created in Latvia and very well known abroad.