The WSIS Project Prizes 2015 contest provides the platform to identify and showcase the success stories and models that could be easily replicated, to empower the community at the local level, to give the chance to everyone to participate in the contest and mainly to recognize the efforts of stakeholders for their added value to society and commitment towards achieving WSIS goals.

The contest of WSIS Project Prizes is open to all stakeholders: governments, private sector, civil society, international organizations, academia and others. The contest comprises 18 categories that are directly linked to the WSIS Action Lines outlined in the Geneva Plan of Action.

The contest of WSIS Project Prizes 2015 is organized into five phases beginning on 15 December 2014. The 18 winners of WSIS Project Prizes will be honored, recognized and presented with an award during WSIS Project Prizes 2015 Ceremony at the WSIS Forum 2015, to be held from 25 to 29 May 2015 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Submit your application for the contest of WSIS Project Prizes 2015 until 10 February 2015!

More information here.


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