On behalf of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, we invite to the third international conference Nordic Digital Day on May 27, 2016 in Tallin. 

Last year, over 350 e-government experts and CIO-s from 25 different countries gathered in Tallinn to hear Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland and Estonia share their visions for digital future. In addition, Professor Carlo Ratti from MIT gave an inspirational speech about using sensors and hand-held electronics aimed at improving the built-up environment.

In 2016, the Nordic Digital Day will be all about the data-driven society. The aim is to explore how different countries are deploying practices of data analytics, data-driven decision making, future predictions and innovation in public sector.

We are living in an era where public authorities are opening up their databases more and more, and at the same time policy makers and public authorities are increasingly using new data sources and big data for better decision-making. How will this new trend affect citizens and enterprises? Will there be new value created and smarter decisions made as hoped? The invited speakers will showcase the best examples of evidence-informed policymaking in different countries.


The Nordic Digital Day is for everybody who is interested in the development of e-Government. This conference is the place to get new ideas and meet ICT policymakers and developers with a global perspective. An important aspect of the conference is to offer networking opportunities, to foster debate, and to exchange best practices and ideas.

Conference admission is free of charge and online registration will be open until 1 May, 2015 via:

Information about other events to be held in the framework of the Estonian ICT Week can be found at: For example IT Law Conference on Unmanned Vehicles held on 28 May at Nordic Hotel Forum.