Latvian Information Technology Cluster has a new Board

In year 2014 Latvian IT cluster will be led by the Chairman of the Board Mr Elmars Gengers (Tieto Latvia, Chairman of the Board) and Members of the Board: Mr Janis Bergs (FMS, Chairman of the Board), Ms Eva Butane (RIX Technologies, Member of the Board), Ms Nadezda Semjonova (BDA, Chairman of the Board) and Mr Andris Gailītis (DEAC, Chairman of the Board).

Former Chairman of the Board Mr Janis Bergs, who led the Latvian IT Cluster since 2005, considering that an opportunity to contribute should be given to others, called Cluster Member Organizations to decide on forwarding of the leadership to the current board member Elmars Gengers, while assuring to continue to actively participate in the work of the Board.