On the 30th of April in the International Exhibition Center Ķīpsala the “RTU Career Day” will take place already for the 12th time. The organizers of the event along with the enterprises represented have made an interesting and opportunity full program for the whole day.
From 10.00 to 16.00 every student will have the opportunity to meet more than 110 representatives from different enterprises, learn more about their demands (if the student is interested in working at the company in the future) and the available vacancies for practice or job at the time, and also find out about the tendencies of the labour market in Latvia.

During the third day seminars will take place: “How to get inspired to start your own business and find “your own” business idea?”, “Realizing  work values as a first step before getting the job.”, “Personal brand and social media as a new way for concurring the labour market!”. These seminars will be lectured by representatives of different fields. The representatives will share their most valuable experience and knowledge.

Also representatives from Latvian IT Cluster, Riga IT Demo Centre and DEMOLA Latvia will participate in this event with different activities, for example, we will provide Latvian IT Cluster  member current vacancy list, we will inform about news in IT field in Latvia, also students from DEMOLA Latvia Spring 2015 season will share  their experience! These and a lot of other activities from Latvian IT Cluster you are welcome to see on RTU Career Day 2015! 

Article was created within ERDF project „IT KVAP – Informācijas tehnoloģiju klastera vēstniecības, akadēmija, platformas” (Project ID KAP/, Agreement No L-KAP-12-0008). More information about project here.