Latvian e-health and health tourism professionals meet foreign chambers of commerce

Thursday, June 6, the Irish Latvian Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the British Chamber of Commerce, Norwegian Chamber of Commerce and the Latvian IT Cluster will host business breakfast dedicated to e-health and health tourism developments in Latvia.

During the event, the Ministry of Health and representatives from hospital, health tourism and IT companies will share their experience and discuss the current e-health and health tourism issues – how to develop health tourism in today's Latvian economy and how to foster greater cooperation between health institutions and the IT industry .

During the event e-health systems developed by the Latvian IT Custer members, as well as planned health care quality improvements due to the wide application of these systems in the health sector will be presented as well.

In addition the Scandinavian countries' experience in the hospital sector in the Baltic States will be discussed within informal atmosphere.

The event will take place in RIGA IT DEMO center.

More information on e-health systems in Latvia you can find at:

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