Research discovers IT industry as prestige and important for development of Latvian economics

04.10.2011. Latvian IT Cluster and market research company TNS Latvia realized research of corporative reputation of IT industry discovers – IT sector is prestige industry with high corporative reputation. Latvian IT industry has received 54 points which is keeping with the ratio of the highest European IT industries and is significantly higher than for other industries.

Major part for promotion of IT corporative reputation has played possibility for IT companies to develop in local and export markets during financial crises. And right now Latvian IT companies take important position for development of Latvian economics – ensures major contribution for Latvian Gross Domestic Product (GDP), offers wide job opportunities and developed IT solutions for other industries impacts efficiency of business.

Corporative reputation of IT industry in Latvia, 2011


Data: Research of TNS Latvia about corporative reputation of IT industry, April – May of Year 2011.

Results of research were presented in forum “Role and opportunities of IT sector” where Chairman of the Board of Latvian IT Cluster and FMS Jānis Bergs highlighted that Latvia could show example for entire Europe of IT use – in five years to move to the completely electronically operations and almost give up of paper document sending and processing.

Results of research discover that IT industry has achieved high corporative reputation with high quality of developed products and trust of IT companies in long-term. The biggest part of Latvian IT companies has many years experience and have shown their professionalism and competence. Future of the IT industry and development of Latvian economics is IT students who want to work in their chosen specialty and stay in Latvia. 


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