After entering the main door of the Latvian National Library, on the left there is a vibrant green room with lots of different screens and devices. This is the Riga IT Demo Centre that invites guests of the Presidency to get to know of Latvian success stories in the field of IT and to find ways of cooperating with Latvian IT entrepreneurs.

Once inside the Riga IT Demo Centre, visitors can leave the daily hustle and bustle behind for a while – it is possible, for example, to take a virtual tour around the world or to travel everywhere in Latvia (Giraffe 360o360o Tours) and to see works of art from other museums across the river Daugava (Lattelecom, Mobile Art museum application). Visitors to the Centre can also try out the world's first soft wireless microphone (CatchBox, Throwable wireless microphone), which is happily being used by Presidency moderators, and listen to his or her favourite music from modified water buckets (Real Sound Lab, Audio equalizer and software)! Each visitor to the Centre can also receive a souvenir printed on a 3D printer, depicting the building of the National Library (Mass Portal, 3D delta printer).

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Text prepared by Latvian Presidency media representatives.

Article was created within ERDF project „IT KVAP – Informācijas tehnoloģiju klastera vēstniecības, akadēmija, platformas” (Project ID KAP/, Agreement No L-KAP-12-0008). More information about project here.

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