Academy aims to provide Latvian IT industry companies to sustainable development by attracting highly skilled, industry meet the needs of the labor resources, thus increasing the capacity of the company, competitiveness, export capacity and providing entrepreneurs with one of the most important resources - a quality workforce.

Academy took place on March 6th, within triaterial cooperation meeting with the IT Cluster, industry and representatioves of Riga Technical University. During academy process there were established development cooperation activities:

1) The possibility of intustry experts to build common Part C and elective courses, which are combined into themes, which experts can provide as lecturers or practical work teachers. Ultimately will be created one course with a number of different types of modules, which could be offered to students from next semester, in September.

2) The possibility to build a separate lectures or practical classes on topical issues by transferring their knowledge to students.

3) Riga  Technical University is open to cooperation also for other new courses in the preparation and implementation (testing, C ++, reliability).

Tripartite meeting resulted with the desire of all parts and not only because keen to develop new initiatives in common with the IT industry, promoting student preparedness the labor market during the study period.

Article was created within ERDF project „IT KVAP – Informācijas tehnoloģiju klastera vēstniecības, akadēmija, platformas” (Project ID KAP/, Agreement No L-KAP-12-0008). More information about project here.