From Georgia to Latvia with love

The Latvian IT Cluster is proud to announce the upcoming visit of excellent Georgian singers and dancers group “Zedashe” to Latvia from May 18 to 28. 

By the initiative of the Embassy of Georgia in Riga, the Embassy of Latvia in Georgia and the Georgian wine company “Pheasant’s Tear” and by the informative support of the Latvian IT Cluster the group of Georgian singers and dancers will be visiting Latvia to conduct diverse and impressive concerts of Georgian folk dance and music. The group is also invited by the city of Saldus to participate in the international festival, which includes the concerts as in the city of Saldus as well as in Sigulda. 

The issue of financing of the above mentioned project is agreed except the travel costs. Therefore the organizers would be very grateful for additional support from companies or other cooperation partners being interested to establish or strengthen the cooperation links with Georgia in the future.

In case of the reimbursement of the travel expenses (partially reimbursement is also acceptable) the Embassy of Georgia in Riga is ready to carry on all necessary measures for advertising any company during each concert as well as during the reception connected to the Independence Day of Georgia. On the invitations which will be sent out for the Independence Day celebration the supporting company will be mentioned as the sponsor. The Embassy is ready to deploy the banners/fliers provided by the company on each concert as well as at the reception. At the same time, in case, if the company has an interest to establish business contacts in Georgia, the Embassy is ready to contribute to this issue.

Events organized by the Embassy: 

  • There will be one concert organized in Riga, where high officials of Latvia as well as the diplomatic corp. will be invited.
  • On 26th of May during the celebration of the Georgian Independence Day the group of singers and dancers will present short performance.
  • The Embassy plans to organize meetings of Mr. Wuderman, who will be joining the group and who is the member of Georgian Tourism agency as well as the Wine Tour Manager of Ltd. “Pheasant’s Tears” with the Touristic Companies in Riga, with the network of Hotels and Wine restaurants. During the meetings the Georgian side will present information about the history of Georgian wine and its culture.

Events organized by the city of Saldus (the Embassy of Latvia in Georgia will be involved as well):

  • Within the framework of the festival of the city of Saldus the ensemble “Zedashe” will perform a concert.
  • At the same time, within the framework of the festival two concerts will be organized in other cities of Latvia. (At this moment according to our information there will be concert in Sigulda).

The group of singers and dancers “Zedashe” consists of 21 persons (9 person – 12-17 age (dancers), 12 persons – adults).

Contact details: Embassy of Georgia in Riga

Tel.: (+371) 67213136; (+371) 27081618