This exciting week (from May 26 til June 3) will be full of high-powered conferences and special events, which will bring ICT experts, visionaries, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, government leaders and top officials as well as representatives of international organizations from all over the world to Tallinn.

Introduction about target groups of some events:

  • Nordic Digital day  - main target groups are public sector representatives from Nordic and Baltic countries 
  • Lattitude 59 is for start-ups
  • E-governance Academy is for public and private sector people from third countries
  • Rock IT is for everybody - it is just party
  • Industry 4.0 is for IT and industrial sector – this is only conference which is targeted mainly to the companies
  • Green IT is for everybody

Overall information about the week and registration you can find here.

Company visits plan on 3rd of June you can find here and here you can find activities for 3rd morning.