Latvian IT Cluster is one of the coordinators for eHealth Competition 2013.


Fill this form before 31 of January 2013.


The Competition will be organized as follows: 

1. SMEs fill a registration on-line form before deadline. 

2. Eligible SMEs will be asked to submit a 2 page summary describing the innovation and expected impact of their technology.

3. 16 Finalists will be invited to participate at the Competition Final. It will take place in Dublin on the 13th of May 2013 (Monday) at 10.00, during the eHealth Week conference. Unfortunately no travel support is offered. In 2013, it will not be compulsory to participate in the conference to join the Competition Final.

4. Each Finalist will have 4 minutes and 3 ppt slides to make their case in front of the Jury, composed of stakeholders from Healthcare organizations, venture capital and sponsors (to be announced).

5. This Jury will award 6 Finalists. Winners will be announced at the end of the Plenary session that day (around 16.45). High rank EC representatives, sponsors and jury will be handing the prizes.

6. A special networking dinner (invitation only) among successful participants, Jury, Sponsors and Coordinators will take place after the award.

7. Pan-european dissemination via the Competition website and other channels will take place before and after the Conference.


In this edition of the Competition, there will be two Categories:

1. Promises: SMEs with turnover less than 500.000
€  in  2011.

2. Champions: SMEs with turnover more than 500.000€  in 2011 (considering only the eHealth unit, in case the company has several divisions). 

The Jury will award 6 winners: 1st, 2nd and 3rd per category.

The main criteria to select the winners will be technology innovation and short-term impact (multiple dimensions: on patients, on professionals, on economy, etc).

Prizes will be presented in a special ceremony during the eHealth Week, involving relevant stakeholders from the European eHealth sector. Winners will have the right to include the prize logos in their corporate communication material (always stating the 2013 year). Their names and related photo material will be included in the broad dissemination to be produced after the Competition.    SMEs are encouraged to make use of it to gain visibility in front of potential customers, partners and external funding.



The prizes per Category consist of:

  • 1st prize: 1.000€ and 1 delegate ticket free of charge for eHealth Week in 2014.
  • 2nd prize: 500€ and 1 delegate ticket free of charge for eHealth Week in 2014.
  • 3rd prize: 1 delegate ticket free of charge for eHealth Week in 2014.

Each winner will get at least 30 minutes of 1:1 feedback from a member of the Jury.

ZENIT/NRW.EUROPA: for all 6 winners free participation at MEDICA 2013 Brokerage Event.

Each category winner will receive one free pass for Health 2.0 Europe 2013 (exact dates still to be confirmed) and, depending on the fit with the conference agenda, will be given an opportunity to present their solution in front of the full audience.

ECHAlliance will give free membership for one year to 1st prize winners in both categories.

Note: Competition Prizes may increase depending on future sponsorship or support.




SME eligibility criteria (all apply):

  • The SME has to have a VAT number.
  • The SME headquarters have to be located in an eligible country (see below).
  • Headcount less than 150 employees.
  • Annual turnover of less than 5.000.000 Euros.

This criteria above must be fulfilled at the time of registration.

Eligible countries:

Albania • Austria • Belgium • Bosnia & Herzegovina • Bulgaria • Croatia • Cyprus • Czech Republic • Denmark • Estonia • Finland • Former Yugoslav • Republic of Macedonia • France • Germany • Greece • Hungary • Iceland • Ireland • Israel • Italy • Latvia • Liechtenstein
• Lithuania •Luxembourg • Malta • Montenegro • Netherlands • Norway • Poland • Portugal • Romania • Serbia
• Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • Sweden •Switzerland • Turkey • United Kingdom


The mere fact of participating in the competition means that the participant knows and fully accepts the present Terms and Conditions.

Any request not contemplated by these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved by the organizer, and participants will abide by such decisions as final.

The organizer reserves the right to modify any aspect that in its opinion is an improvement in the competition and its procedures.


For more information visit eHealth Competition web page.