Considering this region's national language and cultural characteristics and differences with the European environment, product communication, translation, and localization are especially important for adjusting output for a particular export market. Entering new export markets is a time-consuming process which requires responsibility. It is crucial to analyze as well as to plan actions and product strategies which are adapted to specific language characteristics and cultural features.

In order to better prepare for working with such potential consumers, and without wasting company resources, „Tilde” provides localization services for Asian languages.

"With the evermore increasing demand for translation and localization services for Asian languages, Tilde has developed and provides translation and localization services for these languages, thus ensuring especially favorable conditions for Baltic companies. “In order to promote the business development and export capabilities of our region, it is very important to have the support of translation and localization services. We are pleased that our experience and high-quality services can help promote and develop the export of Baltic companies," says Localization Department Manager Nansija Libiete.

About „Tilde”

Tilde is the leading translation and localization company in the Baltics, with 15 years of experience in translation of IT and other products. The quality of Tilde has been recognized by SAP, a company that is a global leader in providing software and software related services - in May of 2013, SAP awarded Tilde the "Supplier of the Year 2012-2013" award, which is given to the best localization company in the world once per year.

Information prepared by Nansija Libiete, Localization Department Manager at SIA Tilde.