Orange Fab is an Orange Group acceleration program, designed to smoothen the introduction of Startup products to Orange. Orange is interested to create pilot projects with startups from Latvia. It is possible by just pitching the idea or by participation in an acceleration program. The third season of Orange Fab - a 12 week international acceleration program will start in 2016  - and is accepting application till January 6, 2016. More information on Orange Fab website.


  • Is Orange Fab a typical startup accelerator?

No, it is not. The main goal of this program is to create a project with Orange. Acceleration is a by-side effect. Startups do not have to give away % of equity to participate. Orange Fab was designed to smoothen the introduction of Startup products to Orange.


  • What would be the example of cooperation?

There is no template solution. It is flexible and depends on the product startup has developed. For example, if it  is an App - the first what we can do is to add it to Orange Cloud. If we are talking about an IoT product - we will talk with Orange b2c and b2b business units and look for opportunities to add it to our distribution network. As well as demonstrate solutions to Orange big customers.

  • For whom is it applicable most?

For those startups that already have a product and want to  scale up with a big corporate partner with a global brand. The main benefit of Orange Fab for  a startup is getting access to its customers, partners and distribution channels and international exposure in Poland and other Orange Fabs around the world, including: China (Taiwan), France, Israel, Ivory Coast, Japan, Jordan, South Korea, Spain, United States of America. Orange can provide access to telco infrastructure (platforms, APIs, etc) and support in analysis by our technical experts, if necessary. So, if you are looking for funding, this may not be the best choice, however  the most interesting startups may be recommended to Orange Digital Ventures which invests on the global level.

  • What happens next after you get chosen for Orange Fab?

You will receive a template of cooperation agreement that will outline the key partnership goals and activities and will be discussed with each startup individually. The program manager will share the calendar of events scheduled for the next 3 months - work with mentors, Orange business units, target events participation, Demo Days. There’s a general acceleration plan, that may be augmented by customized activities to fit specific startup needs, if necessary. Selected startups will have very unique opportunity to meet global Orange Group managers and decision makers.

  • Do you have to spend 12 weeks in Warsaw?

No, this is a blended format. It is obligatory to visit Warsaw for program Demo Day, otherwise you may get through acceleration and work on an interrogation project online.

  • What expenses are covered?

The finalists of Orange Fab Polska will receive up to 40 000 PLN (around 10 000 EUR)  each. The amount granted to  each of the startups will be decided by the program management. Startups are free to spend the received money as they want. Besides granting the up to 40 000 PLN, expenses (travel, accommodation)  on Demo  Day participation (Warsaw and Paris) will be covered (usually 1-2 persons/startup).

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