«Card Suite» from Tieto Latvia receives gratitude as The Innovative Product

The Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Latvia and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) on 15th of December organized „Export and Innovation Award 2011” ceremony.
The goal of the Awards are to contribute to the competitive capacity of Latvian partnerships in Latvian and in foreign markets, promote growth in the quality and quantity of exports, generate products with high added value, and promote innovation by evaluating the results of the partnerships and identifying successful partnerships and products. The evaluation of the partnerships is carried out under the following categories:

1. ''Best Exporter" in both large/medium and smapp partnership groups
2. "Innovative Product"
3. "Leading Exporter"
4. "Import Substitute Product"
5. "Industrial Design" 

The evaluation of applications was held in two rounds, including a visit to the partnerships and a viewing of presentations about the products or services presented for an award.

Tieto Latvia, member of Latvian IT Cluster, was one of 32 Latvian companies which were chosen to Awards final. Tieto Latvia’s developed software «Card Suite» received gratitude in category “Innovative Product”. Congratulations to our member and more wishes to generate unique IT products further!

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For more information in Latvian about Award.