Latvian Software Testing Qualification Board (LSTQB)

On April 26, 2007 in Dusseldorf International Software Qualification Board (ISTQB) affiliated organization from Latvia  Latvian Software Testing Qualification Board (LSTQB). Latvia is the first of the Baltic's that facilitate certification of IT professionals and accreditation of training providers according to the ISTQB requirements.

The initiative to establish such a board in Latvia came from entrepreneurs, and it was supported by the Latvia University and IT Cluster. Prof.Juris Borzovs took a lead in all necessary preparation steps and successfully presented Latvia's ideas at the International Board meeting in the spring 2007.

Now LSTQB is a part of the IT Cluster activities, (IT Cluster is a section of Latvian Information and Communication Technologies Association (LIKTA)).

LSTQB Organization (13 board members)

President: Girts Baltaisbrencis

Vice President: Prof. Juris Borzovs

Vice President: Dr. Guntis Urtans

Managing Director: Lilita Sparane

  • Mission

  • To implement Certified Tester Scheme within Latvia;
  • To facilitate certification of IT professionals in Latvia according to the ISTQB standards;
  • To facilitate accreditation of training providers to supply courses which meet the syllabi of the ISTQB;
  • To contribute to the ISTQB Scheme through working parties;
  • To increase awareness of SW Testing as a separate profession in Latvia;
  • To establish testing as a worthwhile career path for IT testing professionals throughout Latvia.
  • Key Policies of the LSTQB

  • Broad based board structure including practitioners, academics, consultants and trainers;
  • Cooperation with universities and other educational institutions to increase awareness about the importance of testing;
  • Prospective efforts on contributing to the ISTQB international syllabi.

LSTQB has an agreement with International Software Quality Institute GmbH ( from Germany to fulfil a role of the certification body of the "STQB Certification Scheme" in English in Latvia till the end of 2007.
Since May 2007 there already 21 IT testing specialists (from industry and academia) are certified in Latvia.
More information on ISTQB is available on website: