The Interactive Games and Opportunities for the Latvian Creative Industries

May 31st, 2012
venue: RISEBA „Creative Quarter”. Address: Riga, Ūdens iela 6.

The Aims of the Conference:
To inform artists entrepreneurs, designers, film industry professionals, IT specialists, the public and representatives from academic institutions about the various types of interactive content and game creation opportunities as well as latest developments in Latvia, Europe and worldwide.

The conference will address the following topics:
 Latvian gaming industry overview, opportunities, and research;
 The creation of "start-up" business models and its fundraising;
 The situation in education: which of the schools currently offer training and what is planned in support of the game infrastructure;
 Creative Workshops – interdisciplinary group work on the subjects pertinent to the interactive games and content development in Latvia; testing specific game ideas;
 Panel Discussion - viable routes for the Latvian interactive games and content development, the tentative actions and mandatory steps (including the creation of pilot projects, associations of companies, gaming competitions, training, education, etc.).

Programm available here

Admission fee: free of charge

Organised by: Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) in association with National Film Center, Latvian IT Cluster and RISEBA organize