3 day of IT Business analysis story

A set of 3 day international IT Forum is going to take place in Riga on the 5th -7th of July 2010. International IT Forum consists of 3 conferences - 3 IT topics. Each conference covers actual IT topic.

DBIS 2010 is the first conference of Forum with a yearly experience. It is a Baltic conference on databases and information systems developed in the form of an international forum for technical and business oriented discussion among researchers and developers, enterprises and end users of databases and information systems. The objective of the conference is to bring together researchers, practitioners, enterprises, developers and representatives form academic fields of advanced database and information systems research.

Discover the Tester in You is the second forum aimed for practitioners. It is the 11th software testing conference. Conference continues a series of annual conferences started in 2000. The objective of the conference is to establish a communication and knowledge sharing on software testing among all types of IT professionals, researchers and students. The goal is to discuss the industry experience, revisit the theoretical foundations of testing, to challenge the existing stereotypes.

Hand in Hand with Business Analysis is the third forum aimed for business community. It is the 1st international Business Analysis conference. The objective of the conference is to discover business analysis as a process driven IT segment. This forum takes place for the first time and will attract practitioners, policy developers, enterprises and cooperation partners even over the borders of EU.
First business conference in Latvia is intended for unifying roles, assembling local and world experience. We believe it’s the right moment to initiate rapid growth in business analysis field, realize the value of business analysis and start getting successful results.
The goal of the IT FORUM is to highlight three key conferences of IT sector and to unify target audience of all three to reach maximum added value for business, practitioners and academia.
Conference language will be English.
Conference shall take place in Riga.
Conference occurs on the 5-7th of July 2010.

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