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Latvian IT Cluster is taking part in European Union Baltic Sea Region transnational co-operation programme - StarDust.

Full project name is: The Strategic Project on Trans-national Commercial Activities in Research & Innovation, Clusters and in SME-Networks.

Lead Partner: VINNOVA (Sweden)

Start date and expiry date:
Start date: of September 2010,
End date: of December  2013

The critical mass needed to create a strong and attractive global position, and the innovative approaches that are needed to address grand challenges can only be achieved through transnational collaboration. The overall objective of the StarDust project is to address this problem by linking strong research environments, clusters and SME networks – creating a number of globally-leading research and innovation hubs in the BSR in order to achieve stronger critical mass, attractiveness, and a competitive international position. Activities will also foster job and SME growth opportunities, and strengthen social and territorial cohesion for the Baltic Sea Region.

StarDust builds on earlier activities in the field of innovation and clusters conducted within the BSR InnoNet and BSR_CBP projects. These projects created strong social capital and experience – an optimal platform from which more ambitious transnational innovation activities can take place. The StarDust project is viewed as the next major milestone towards the full-scale implementation of BSR Stars (flagship no 1 within Chapter 7 of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region’s action plan). Thus StarDust is critical for success of the BSR Stars flagship.

StarDust will broaden transnational innovation frameworks in the BSR through four activities: working with grand potentials (challenges which can be addressed by levering existing BSR strengths) in chosen thematic areas; fostering linkages between strong research and innovation nodes through transnational pilots; developing new tools to support transnational collaboration; and facilitating strategic governance of macro-regional research and innovation activities.

The project’s core are the 5 transnational pilots operating in fields of cleantech & future energy, wellbeing & health, future transport, and digital business & services. New commercial-based concepts and routines relating transnational, national, regional and local levels will be indentified and implemented. The pilot projects will involve all fields of innovations (scientific, technical as well as non-technical) with the ultimate aim of developing business-focused competitive global positions in selected fields.

In total, Stardust will mobilize 34 public and semi-public partners and 33 associated partners from national, regional and local levels – including strong clusters and business leaders engaged in the 5 pilots. This set of partners represents all national ministries and innovation agencies in the 10 BSR countries (including NO and IS); these high-level policymakers will form the project’s Steering Committee.

For more information visit BSR web page.